"Loving heart" by mihimaru GT

("Koisuru kimochi")

This is the only one song which doesn't include rap in mihimaru GT's original songs.
I'm 53, so I can't sing like a young guy.


"Puka Puka" by Kyouzou Nishioka

This is a masterpiece in Japanese folk songs.
Many singers covered this song.
Kyouzou sang "I'll never quit telling fortunes with cards until I'll know the time we die."
Did he know it?
Are you sure?
He killed himself in 1999.


"A White Day" by Yousui Inoue

("Shiroi Ichinichi")

Words by Kei Ogura
Music by Yousui Inoue

Kei Ogura graduated Tokyo University and worked as elite banker.
Writing songs was his one of hobby.
Though many songs written by him hit, he had been working at bank
until retirement age.


"Automatic" by Hikaru Utada

This song was written by Hikaru Utada.
Her mother is a famous singer Keiko Fuji,
but Hikaru began to distinguish herself by her own talent,
not the influence of her mother.
She is bilingual in English and Japanese,
because she  grew up in New York and Tokyo.
She made her debut in USA as "Utada".
But it seems like to be unsuccessful for the present.
Do you know "Utada"?


Me and Momo (tail only)

"I LOVE YOU" written by Yutaka Ozaki

Momo doesn't wanna sing with me,
'cause I'm too bad hand!!!!!!!


"Dragonfly" by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi

I was a workaholic when this song made a hit in Japan.
I lived in a dormitory of a company and shared with coworker.
I listend this song by he sang it in the next room.


"Recommend team B" by AKB48

("Team B Oshi")

AKB48's songs are easy to sing, easy to memorize and easy to be forgotten.
This is a song of last year.
But noone sing it anymore.
Because their songs are fashion but not art.

I think so.


"Sad color, isn't it?" by Masaki Ueda

("Kanashii iro ya ne") by 上田正樹

Masaki Ueda is singing,
"Osaka sea is sad color, isn't it?
'Cause everyone come here to throw away their farewell."

I like Osaka song, because I was born in Osaka.


"Separating in 22 year-old" by Kaze

(Nijuunisai No Wakare)

Kaguyahime that I introduced yesterday broke up in 1975.
Then Syouzou Ise who was a member of Kaguyahime formed a folk duo
with Kazuhisa Ookubo.
They named "Kaze" which means "wind".

This is their first single record.
Sad song


"Aka-Chouchin (Red Lantern)" by Kaguyahime

Kaguyahime who sang  this song was a male folk song trio.
I feel strange that they named it,
because "Kaguyahime" means "Princess Kaguya".
They are not gays.

It's often that red paper lantern is set in front of Japanese old type bar
instead of a neon sign.
This is the song heroine is remembering that she sometimes went to bar
with her ex-boyfriend.
Is she happy or not now?
I don't know.


"Runner" by BAKUFU-SLUMP

Sunplaza Nakano who is the vocalist of BAKUFU-SLUMP is a gay.
When he come back his home, his male wife is cooking dinner for him.
It isn't uncommon in USA, but
I am somewhat repulsed by it.
But he has a nice talent to write songs and I respect him.
How about you?


For Whom

This song's tytle is "Tagatame", which means "For whom".
For example, Japanese tytle of "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is
"Tagatame ni Kane wa Naru".
This song was written by Kazutoshi Sakurai who is a vocalist of Mr.Children.

We've been making an effort for the world peace.
But even now, war or terrorism happen on the Earth everyday.

"For whom we made war?!"
Kazutoshi is screaming and moving anyone who listen this song.


"No umbrella" 2

("Kasa Ga Nai" 2)

His nickname is Iso.
I don't know his real name.
Iso has a beautiful high tone voice that I don't have.
I suppose  he can become a professional singer even from now.
By the way,
enjoy your senior life!!!
He said "I was a junior high school student as I first listened this song".
I think he and I are same age.


"No umbrella" by Yousui Inoue

("Kasa Ga Nai")

This song was recorded in 1972, and express social conditions at that time.
Young people suffered a setback in a student movement,
and newspaper called them "Generation of Disenchantment".
The hero of this song is interested in neither a newspaper's article nor
a political topic of TV.
He's only trying to say it rain but he has no umbrella
though he has to go to see his girl friend.


"Gather Wind" by Happyend

(Kaze Wo Atsumete)
"Happyend" is a Japanese rock band in the early days of the Japanese rock scene.
I bought their album when I was a highschool student.
At that time LP record was sold 2,500 yen.
My pocket money was 3,000 yen every month.
So I bought one LP record each month, then
bought stationery by the rest 500 yen.
And everyday told a lie to my mother
"I'll buy bread for my lunch so give me 100 yen!".
I ate nothing for my lunch,
but I bought Japanese paperbacks ( we say it "bunkobon").
I was a skinny boy.
Now I got fat ugly.


ぐでんぐでん "Guden Guden" Song Of Sake 2

Kenichi Hagiwara (萩原健一) sang this song.
When I was an elementary schoolboy
he was a TV idol as vocalist of The Tempters.
At that time, many electric guitar bands were popular in Japanese music scene,
we call them "Group Sounds".
When the "Group Sounds" boom was over,
he succeeded as actor by his individualistic acting,
then sometimes sang interesting songs.

"Guden Guden" means state of dead-drunk.


Liquor, Tear, Man and Woman

"sake to namida to otoko to onna"

This song was written by Eigo Kawashima who died in 2001
when he was 48 years old.
This song was adopted as commerecial song of sake in 1976 then hit.
At that time, I was a third-year student in high school.
When I entered a university, everyone drank alcohol
as singing this song at a party.


Give up summer darling

This song was written by Keisuke Kuwata
and recorded in Southern All Star's album in 1982.
Then pop singer Naoko Ken covered and made a hit.

Very sexy and beautiful song.



They sing 2 different songs at same timing.
Because these are same chord.

Even so, what beautiful voices they have.
I envy them!!!!


"島人ぬ宝" "Shimanchunu Takara"(Treasures Of Islander) BEGIN

7 years ago, there was a Philippines pub named "CATS" in Fukui city.
In the pub, when someone sang this song every girls shouted to keep time.
I liked to listening that.
Even now when I hear this song I remember the memory at that time.



Singer is Ouyang Feifei(欧陽菲菲) who is Taiwanese.
She plays active part in Japan and Taiwan.
This song hit in 1983.


"My tears aren't decoration" Akina Nakamori

I'm schizophrenia.
Modern medical science has progressed.
So I've been safe in this decade.
But 25 years ago, I believed Akina Nakamori who sang this song was my wife!!!!

This is a song "Kazarijanaonoyo namida wa" hit 1984.


Christian Bautista "The Way You Look At Me"

My girl friend "C" liked this song.
So I practiced.
Don't you think I am admirable?
We say "kenage da neeeeeeee".


I Love You - 尾崎豊 Yutaka Ozaki (Sayulee) Day 284

It's hot today.
The air-conditioner of my room is broken!
I have no money to buy a new one.
What shall I do?

By the way, this song is romantic.
Sayulee's version is nice.
Don't you think so?



My friend Guanchan is an entertainer.
He and me are same age, 53 year-old.
Oh,,no, he's maybe already 54.
I think he is a nice father and HERO for his family.


Funky Monkey Babys "HERO"

It's hard to me singing a song of young artist.
Especially, rap is difficult.
I have to practice over and over again.
And usually I give up to sing in public.
I have many such songs.


"Memory Glass" Jun Horie

Very old hit song.
This song was my party piece.
We say "party piece" "juuhachiban"(十八番).
The literal translation of "juuhachiban" is "number 18".
It comes from Danjuurou Ichikawa VII who was KABUKI actor
defined his family's 18 repertoire in 1840.
We call it "ohako" too.


くるみ - Mr.Children kurumi (Sayulee) Day 286

Sayulee is a professional singer, but not so famous.
She is doing a project called "Singing Sayulee 365".
This is a challenge that she uploads her songs on YouTube
with her own guitar accompaniment everyday for a year.
I'm looking forward to listening her songs everyday.
The final is July 29th.


"Kurumi" Mr.Children

A literal translation of "kurumi" is "walnut".
But in this case it means girl's name
and it include also meaning of "future".
I like this song!!


The woman born in Osaka

The tytle is "The Woman Who Was Born In Osaka".
This is a hit song when I was a University student, more than 30 years ago.
KARAOKE began to be popular at same time.
This song has always been with me since then.
I love this song, because I was born in Osaka too.


"掌" Mr.Children

Kanji(Chinese character) is very difficult.
"掌" is read "tenohira".
It means "the palm of the hand".
I suppose a half of Japanese adults can't write this "掌".
We ordinary write "手の平" or "手のひら".


"Hanamizuki" 2 covered by Guanchan

Guanchan is my YouTube friend.
He has a nice voice.
I envy him.
I think his song is better than mine.


HANAMIZUKI (Flowering Dogwood)

This is a You Hitoto's song recorded 2004.
She is a nice poet.
She sings "I pray for you and the girl you love will continue a hundred years.".



"Shirushi" Mr.Children

Mr.Children is the Japanese greatest band.
Most songs was written by Kazutoshi Sakurai(vo).
I think Kazutoshi Sakurai is a genius.
Every words fit his melody.
It's amazing!!!

"Shirushi" means "mark".
But it means "evidence" too.



Snow Flower

Tytle is "Yuki No Hana"
It means "Snow Flower".
Singer is Mika Nakashima.
Recorded in 2003.
Beautiful song.
I love it.


A little bird who forgot how to fly 2

A beautiful Turkish girl is singing "Tobikata Wo Wasureta Chiisana Tori".
(A little bird who forgot how to fly)

She is a very nice singer.
I wanna let her be a professional singer.


a little bird who forgot how to fly

This is my favorite song.
Singer is MISHA.
This song is included in the album "KISS IN THE SKY"
recorded in 2002.

I sing this song always screaming "Hey! I forgot how to fly! Please help me!!!!!!!".
Noone have ever helped me.


The reason I was born in this world

I guess this is maybe the newest song of Funky Monkey Babys.
Tytle is "Kono Sekai Ni Umareta Wake".
"kono" is "this".
"sekai" is "world".
"ni" is "in".
"umareta" is "was born".
"wake" is "reason".

"The reason I was born in this world"
What a interested tytle isn't it!
Everyone wanna know it, but nobody knows it.
Of course I don't know it too.


Midsummer Sounds good! AKB48

I don't sing old song only!!!

AKB48 is a most popular idol group in Japan now.
This is their newest song.

I'm sorry.
I didn't practice enough.


【キューピー】I LOVE YOU - Yutaka Ozaki cover

This song was written by Yutaka Ozaki in 1991.
He died by drug overdose when he was 26 years old.
It was too early.


【キューピー】If We Hold On Together Diana Ross cover

Sometimes I sing English song.


Could you hear my words?
I know I'm a bad speaker
and a bad singerわだぱbgtumpgjipgvatgbop

Diana Ross : You know her more than me.


I mistook

I mistook.
I uploaded another song as this tytle on YouTube in June 2nd.
I noticed it 20 minutes ago.
Is this happenig a beginning of senile dementia?

Zone is a Japanese girls band.
This song recorded in 2001.
They broke up in 2005.
Then they reorganized in 2011.


Do you go to karaoke alone?

Some Japanese go to karaoke alone.
Me too.
Do you think it's crazy?

This song's tytle is "Ichigo-hakusho wo mouichido".
It means "Once more 'The Strawberry  Statement' again".
This song was written by Yumi Arai.
She got marrried Masataka Mastutouya,who is musician too,
so her present stage name is Yumi Matsutouya.
All her songs are arranged by her husband.
Her nickname is Yuming.


Nice to meet you!!!

Nice to meet you.
My nickname is Kewpie.
I'm a Japanese.
I'd like to introduce Japanese karaoke.